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 Application template

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PostSubject: Application template   Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:32 pm

Hello, please read all of this if you want to join us, get an idea of if we are the type of guild you are looking for and if you are the type of player we are looking for. Please stick to the template below when making your application.


Current Spec:
Willing to respec?:
Current Gear? (Armory):
What kind of stat do YOU think is THE most important for your talent spec and class?: (mp5/+heal/spirit/hitraiting/crit/agility/strength etc etc)

Do you have a working Microphone, and can you talk during raids if needed?:
What guilds have you been in before? Why did you leave them?:
BC and pre-BC raiding exp, What have you been raiding?:

Attunements: U must have kz attunament finished

Available hours and days to raid:
We raid 4 days a week, 19.00 - 00.00 on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday. How many of theses raids can you join?:

Below is the most important part of the application, take your time to write it as it is highly important to us when we decide to recruit someone

Tell us why we should recruit you!
Write as much as possible about yourself, your play style, what you can bring to our raids, why you play your class and why you choose to have your specific spec on your character. What are your strongest abilities as a player? Weakest abilities? Why do you play World of Warcraft? What do you do for fun when not playing WoW? Tell us everything we could ever want to know about you!


If you are really determined to apply here tell us things like why you want to join The Last Stand, what you want to get out the game and what you can offer the guild. Things like that really come across and can only better your application.

What we will be expecting any applicants to do as a recruit:

Farm their repair money and resistance gear. If you aren't bothered to do that, then we aren't bothered to take you in the guild.
To be able to register, read and use our forums to keep in touch with guild news, boss tactics, raid sign ups etc. We need all our players to get involved with the forums so they know everything about what is happening with the guild.
No member or recruit is guaranteed a spot in a raid. The setup of the raid will be the most optimized one for the current encounter.
As a member or recruit you should be online or available before raid invites. If something prevents you from raiding, let us know.
A high level of maturity is what we expect in all our members and recruits. If you get constructive criticism you should be able to deal with it and make a better effort next time. You should also know that we have zero tolerance for loot whine.
In addition we require that you are able to use ventrilo, at the very least to hear and follow instructions.


Upon joining the guild you'll be entered as a "Trial" rank, which means your on trial. During your time as a recruit we'll be looking at your attendance, skills, attitude and overall ability to be part of the guild. We keep players at this rank until further notice before making our decision to either promote you to raid status and allow roll for loot, on the other hand if you aren't the kind of player we are looking for then you will be removed from the guild and the position will be advertised again. The length of the trial-period can vary depending on how impressed we are by your efforts.
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Application template
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